Wednesday, May 31, 2006

2 Port and 8 Port Adapters


Effective immediately, the new 2 port adapter and a new 8 port adapter are available for SwyxWare.

Product Details

The ZXS00003 and ZXS00004 terminal adapters refer to the AudioCodes H.323 multi-port gateways which can be used to connect analogue devices such as phones and fax.
The ZXS00013 and ZXS00014 terminal adapters vary from the ZXS00003 and ZXS00004 terminal adapters only in the respect that the new terminal adapters support SIP. The ZXS00013 and ZXS00014 terminal adapters have the same configuration and functionality except for the number of channels that are available.

Part Number Description £ List Price

ZXS00013 IP a/b Adapter 2 Port for SwyxWare (SIP) £259
ZXS00014 IP a/b Adapter 8 Port for SwyxWare (SIP) £859


For full details of pricing, resellers should contact iptelecoms.

Notes on compatibility

The new 2 port and 8 port adapters will work with SwyxWare V5.00; they will not work with SwyxWare V4.40 or earlier versions of SwyxWare.

Customer scenarios

1. A customer is running SwyxWare V4.40 with an ‘old’ 2 port or 8 port adapter and upgrades to SwyxWare V5.00. In this scenario, they can continue to use the ‘old’ adapter.
2. From now on, orders for 2 port or 8 port adapters will be fulfilled with the new adapters. (This is on the assumption that the software shipped with the order is V5.00 as it is the current release.)
3. Customers with a 24 port adapter board will not be affected as there is no SIP equivalent so they will continue to connect the a/b adapter via H.323 regardless of the version of SwyxWare they are running.
4. A customer running SwyxWare V4.40 (or earlier/older versions) would like to connect analogue phones to their SwyxWare solution. ‘Old’ adapters will be available for a few months but the customer would be better advised to upgrade to SwyxWare V5.00. This means that customers could take advantage of the new functionality within V5.00 and could have T.38 fax support.

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