Friday, April 17, 2009

Light Rail

The City of Sydney is committed to working in partnership with the State Government to deliver a sustainable transport strategy that will result in quick, affordable, reliable, clean, safe, accessible and frequent transport for the future.

The City supports extending the current light rail system between Central Station and Circular Quay to relieve CBD transport congestion.

The City has committed funds to assist with public infrastructure works required for the extension of light rail, and will continue to call on State and Federal Governments to support the proposal.

The City needs a world-class public transport system that is well planned and resourced, efficient and integrated.

An efficient and integrated public transport system is also an essential cornerstone of sustainable development.

Growth, especially in the airport to CBD corridor, is creating increasing demands on our transport system. As a result, Sydney faces significant traffic congestion and a lack of capacity in public transport.

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