Monday, December 27, 2010

Allegiant flight attendants vote for union representation

Flight attendants at Allegiant Airlines voted in favor of representation by the Transport employees Union, the union told Wednesday.

The vote with 62% in favor of representation - marks the first time flight attendants have voted in favor of a union under the fresh federal rules that call for a simple majority decision in airline and railroad union representation elections.

It's also the first employee group of the airline, a subsidiary of Las Vegas-based Allegiant Travel Co., to seek union representation, notes the Las Vegas Sun.

"Allegiant is a fine place to work, and now it's going to get better," said Kristi Cohen, an Allegiant flight attendant, in a statement. "Now we've got a voice on the work. Once we can negotiate about our schedules, work rules, and other issues, we'll be full partners in growing the business."

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