Thursday, January 13, 2011

Safety regulations for lorries that transport workers

Under the Road Traffic Act, lorries cannot be used for private passenger transport. However, the Road Traffic Act provides an exception for owners and hirers of lorries to use their vehicles to transport their workers to and from their lodgings and places of work, or between their places of work, subject to the following requirements:

* The lorry must not travel faster than the posted road speed limit or the vehicle speed limit of 60 km/h, whichever is lower.

* The workers must be properly seated in a manner that would not cause them to fall off the vehicle.

* The lorry must not carry an excess number of workers based on the minimum deck space requirement of 0.372 square metres (or 4 square feet) per seated worker. If goods or equipment are also transported, the number of workers that may be carried is reduced according to the remaining floor area available.

* Lorry owners who wish to use their lorries to carry their workers must display a Maximum Passenger Capacity (MPC) label on the right side of the rear tailboard indicating the maximum number of workers that can be transported.

* If goods are also transported, they must be properly secured such that they will not endanger the workers carried or other road users.

* No part of the seated worker, when he is in a seating position shall be more than 1.1 metres from the carriage deck. This is to lower the risk of a worker falling off from the back of a lorry

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