Monday, November 21, 2011

Dog sledge caps tryst with Arctic

dog sledge
The magic of the Arctic had cast such a lingering spell on the Arctic Challengers of Oman in the past three days that even after the temperatures dropped further and the chilly winds got harsher, the explorers longed for more thrill. And why not? After all where else on the earth could one experience such an unspoilt wilderness from such close quarters?but the unfavourable weather conditions prevented us from exploring the interiors and we were advised not to go further North. So the last leg of our trip faced a setback and our plans of meeting the Inuit people had to be called off.

“We were told that these inhabitants of the remotest part of the Arctic have adapted themselves to the harsh climate. Learning about the Inuit culture is as interesting as experiencing the wonders of the frozen wilderness of the Arctic. Sadly, we had to forego our dreams of meeting them.not being able to meet the Inuit people left us extremely disappointed but we were aware that ‘safety comes first’. Hence, we decided to stay back in the town and make the best of what we had.

It seemed to be a day of heartbreaks. First, we missed the opportunity of meeting the Inuit people and later we could not see the magnificence of the Northern Lights, especially the time when the glaciers get lit by the glow of the Northern Lights, owing to the bad weather conditions.

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