Friday, July 31, 2009

Personal Pod Transport Is The Future

It seems like the idea of pod transportation is emerging strong. To be honest, it looks good to me to. A different type of transportation that can lower traffic, lower pollution, and help get to your destination faster.

The latest idea in pod transportation is the Personal Rapid Transit, PRT. PRTs are systems of independent vehicles that provide private, on-demand, nonstop travel for people or small freight, riding on small, overhead guideways. The cars run above existing roads and are powered entirely by electricity. Advocates of pod transport say it offers the convenience and personal experience of an auto without the gasoline, insurance, pollution, accidents, or congestion.

Another splendid point to this type of transportation is the amount of money saved. It would take 25 to 40 million to build a mile while it takes 100 to 300 million to build a road. As you can see, the future really is here and projects for the PRT are already on the way.
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