Friday, July 17, 2009

A Unicycle That’s a Motorcycle?

If you thought balancing on two wheels was hard enough, try balancing on one wheel. When we go to the circus, typically, we’ll see a few clowns riding unicycles. Isn’t it neat to see them do that? Well, now you can do that too, with the world’s first unicycle motorbike. A young, 18 year-old inventor named Ben Gulak has come up with a motorbike called the Uno that still uses two wheels, but they are paired side by side to create one wheel. Additionally, this unicycle motorbike uses something called gyroscopic technology (similar to what is used in the infamous Segway) in order to help the motorbike stay up without falling over. So, balancing might not be a hard as it looks.And it’s Even Eco-Friendly Too!

In order to operate this contraption, the rider leans forward to accelerate to speeds of 25mph. In order to slow down, you need to lean back. If you’re worried about what other “complicated” things there are about it, perhaps the most confusing feature is the switch to turn it on (which only has two positions: on and off). While this motorbike may look incredibly awkward, it is also incredibly eco-friendly. The motorbike runs on electricity and is small enough and light enough to be brought inside and carried around.

Gulak said that the inspiration for the bike came from visiting China and seeing all of the smog there. Part of the concept for the bike stemmed from his thinking that if it didn’t look cool, people wouldn’t be interested. The owner also reassures people that they don’t have to worry so much about the balancing part; the bike is actually self-balancing. Kudos to Gulak for this creative invention. Who knows- in a few years, you might be riding a Uno to work!
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