Friday, December 11, 2009

Airbus’ A400 military transport acquires to the air for the primary time

At 10:15 local time this morning in Seville in Spain, the Airbus A400M military transport model took to the air for the first time. For the sake of prosterity, the experiment pilots be Chief Test Pilot Military, Edward “Ed” Strongman, 60, as captain and Experimental Test Pilot Ignacio “Nacho” Lombo, 43, in the co-pilot’s seat. There were also four engineers on plank – Jean-Philippe Cottet, Eric Isorce, Didier Ronceray and Gerard Leskerpit – who will in the middle of them seem after the powerplants, aircraft systems and handling traits of the aircraft through the test program.

According to the Airbus press release, the crew have logged further than 31 000 hours of flight time among them. Fine, the outcome is that the aircraft has made that leap from amazing that had only ever flown on paper to real flight. Moreover late for the South African Air Force, although, who, having seen their much-anticipated substitute for the ageing C-130s snatched from under their noses just a few weeks ago, will now have to content themselves by scrutiny the world’s latest military freighter go during its paces.

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