Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tata Motors admits trouble through brake systems in DTC buses

Rubbishing previous reports stating that Delhi awful roads, and not defective maintenance, was causing fires and smokes in its buses, Tata Motors, dealer of low-floor Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses, admitted that the vehicle had a trouble with the brake system. However, the company maintained that there were no natural design and developed defects.

“There have been eight incidences reported of buses catch fire starting December 3, which has encouraged corrective action,” the company said, adding up that it would suffer a safety check for the buses which would be finished by January 31.

The Delhi administration on December 14 had compulsory a fine of Rs 4 crores on Tata Motors for not appropriately maintaining the low-floor buses that it artificial for the DTC.Chief Minister Sheila Dixit has said that a expense of Rs 150 crore to the Tatas had also been suspended.

The government said it would file an illegal case against the company if the bus problems sustained.

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