Saturday, November 13, 2010

US transport panel urges 15-cent fuel tax hike

One way to bite into the U.S.'s massive deficit is to hike oil taxes, President Obama has been advised.

According to the Journal of Commerce, Obama's deficit cutting panel delivered plans for transportation policy that includes a gradual 15-cent raise in federal fuel taxes.

The bipartisan panel said in a draft statement that there should include increases in the per-gallon "gasoline tax" starting in 2013.

Fuel taxes that go into the Highway Trust Fund include fees on diesel fuel, the Journal notes, but the combined taxes are often described simply as gas taxes.

The proposal may face headwinds, however. Obama, himself, is on the record as being against raising fuel taxes while the economy is still fragile.

Republicans on that panel are more focused on slashing expenses on federal programs to cover transport requirements.


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