Monday, November 15, 2010

Work begins to remove M4 bus lane

Work to remove an unpopular bus lane on a busy motorway near Heathrow Airport is due to start.

The 3.5-mile lane on the M4 west of London was introduced in 1999 by the then Transport Secretary John Prescott.

But it was rarely used and not always enforced and the recent Transport Secretary Philip Hammond announced earlier this autumn that the lane was being suspended until the 2012 London Olympics.

The Highways Agency is set to begin work, with traffic expected to be able to use the lane later this week.

Mr Hammond said: "Scrapping the M4 bus lane is symbolic of this Government's decision to end the war on the motorist.

"It ends the injustice suffered by thousands of drivers who sit in traffic next to an empty lane day in day out.

"We will monitor the suspension over the next 18 months, but my intention is to scrap the lane permanently after the London 2012 Olympics are over."

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