Friday, March 25, 2011

A-1 Auto Transport Website Makeover Focuses On The User Experience

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A-1 Auto Transport launches their newly redesigned website to better serve their customers. The new website focuses on the user experience, is much easier to navigate and one of the best information resources on the web for those who wish to ship their car.

A-1 Auto Transport's newly redesigned website now allows their users to utilize a variety of enhanced features such as free instant online auto transport quotes, both domestic and international. The site also provides an abundance of informative links to help the user become fully knowledgeable about the auto transport industry before they ship their car.

"The auto transport industry is largely misunderstood.", said Marketing Director, Joe Webster. "Customers looking for auto transport services oftentimes don't know how to prepare their car for shipping or how to approach car shipping legal contracts. The new website has an abundance of expert information so customers can have a better understanding in the process of auto transportation, to save them both time and money."

By using, users can easily and efficiently research the car shipping industry as a whole, as well as compare the rates and services of multiple auto transport companies with free real time auto transport quotes.

Another amazing feature that can be found on the new innovative website is real-time satellite tracking of your vehicle. From the comfort of your home or any Wi-Fi hot spot, you can now track your car by GPS satellite throughout its entire journey.

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