Tuesday, March 22, 2011

US Public Transport Could Be Hampered by Rising Gas Prices

We are, quite honestly, not sure if this story is good or bad. What we do know is that more Americans need to adopt the idea of public transportation and get away from the single car/single user way of life (yes, even with the uptick in hybrid and electric cars). However, we’re not sure that a huge surge in gas prices forcing people to use poorly structured public transport that will buckle under its increased usage is really how we wanted to see that go down. Unfortunately, one report implies that may be exactly what’s happening.

According to a report issued this month to Congress by the American Public Transportation Association (ATPA), if gas prices continue to rise, there may be problems. Already, according to the report, spiking gas prices are causing an increase in demand for public transportation across the United States. The numbers predicted, in fact, are somewhat staggering.

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