Thursday, April 28, 2011

KC Road Conditions Need Improvement

Road Condition
Transportation experts said the road conditions cost each resident an average of $1,227 because of congestion and poorly maintained roads in the metro.

Officials said it is a crisis because there isn't enough money to fix what needs to be repaired.

Transportation researchers said many bridge improvements and road work has been done, but it's all from old money and it hasn't been enough to keep Kansas City's roadways up to par.

"Despite recent improvements, Missouri still ranks seventh in the nation in the percentage of structurally deficient bridges," said Carolyn Bonifas

In Kansas City, 40 percent of minor highways are in poor condition, and the roads less traveled are even more dangerous, experts said.

"Our report finds Missouri's rural roads are particularly deadly with a traffic fatality rate with more than double that than all other roads in the state," Bonifas said.

In a presentation on Thursday, the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission said the metro's transportation future is rough with little money coming in.

"We face a transportation funding crisis now," said Stephen Miller of the Missouri Transportation Commission. Not next year. Not five years from now. We face the crisis now."

The Missouri Department of Transportation is operating on half the budget it did close to a decade ago. Officials are hoping for a plan to attack the transportation funding issue in a few months.

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