Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Transport company filed for permit after fatal crash

Indiana State Police investigators found the trucking company involved in a fatal cash on Interstate 70 filed for an over-sized load permit an hour after the crash. Drivers are required to have the permit with them and to have applied for it before starting any route with an over sized load.

Police said the crash happened when Poindexer Transportation's truck driver was heading east bound on I-70 and the widest part of it's 14'4" load hit a temporary concrete barrier in the construction zone. The force moved the concrete barrier several feet into the oncoming lane. When traffic on that side of the interstate tried to avoid it, six other vehicles collided.

J. Dale Dye, the driver of a small silver Suzuki, was in the second car in the chain reaction on west bound I-70. He died at the scene.

His loved one, Greg Davis, said it's been an unimaginable tragedy. Davis said Dale died senselessly when he learned that truck didn't even have the proper paperwork to be driving that wide of a load through the area.

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