Tuesday, August 09, 2011

New Autopilot Cars in the Planning

Autopilot car
An autopilot car that can drive without a human controlling it is the auto-industry’s latest vision as it continues its quest for a future where accidents are nonexistent. The views on using technology for something like this are still mixed.

A couple of major car manufacturers, including Volkswagen, have expressed an interest in this new auto piloted vehicle, while others like Volvo remain unconvinced, insisting that humans should be in control of their vehicles at all times.

Volkswagen has plans to release an auto piloted vehicle that will be able to control driving tasks like steering and speed. This is not the first attempt at an auto piloted vehicle by Volkswagen. The company has been working on the development of a new type of automated vehicle for over six years now.

In 2005 Volkswagen won a contest for the best automated vehicle. The vehicle in question was a Touareg soft-roader which was able to drive over 200 kilometers by itself in off-road conditions.
Although the company has had some mild success with these earlier models, they mainly served to pave the way for their new and improved Temporary Auto Pilot system, also known as TAP.

This new system uses components which are already ready for production. The first vehicles in this range produced by Volkswagen were complicated and needed processors, cameras and many other technological gadgets. This new range of vehicles will run with the help of a cruise control that can adapt to different situations.

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