Thursday, June 23, 2011

ACT king of the road for car use

Canberra's position as the nation's car capital reigns supreme, with a federal report showing the territory continues to have the nation's highest use of cars per capita.

The federal Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics data also shows Canberra's public transport system was relatively unpopular, recording with Adelaide the lowest per capita use of public transport.

Worse, Canberra and Adelaide were the only cities that did not record a shift from car use to public transport use.

Canberra has recorded the highest per capita use of cars for decades.

Greens MLA Meredith Hunter challenged Sustainability Minister Simon Corbell over the poor showing yesterday in question time, questioning whether the Government's transport policies had failed commuters.

Mr Corbell said the Government had committed to introducing a rapid public transit corridor.

''The issue of the modal split with public transport in Canberra is an issue that the Government is paying close attention to.

''In relation to the reasons for the modal split that occurs in the city, it is the case that Canberra's always had a higher level of journeys undertaken by private motor vehicles, and that is a consequence of course of the design of the city over many years [and] the provision of a very efficient and extensive road network, which has focused opportunities for travel overwhelmingly on private motor vehicle use.''

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