Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Aucklanders Support Public Transport Strategy

The AA has released the results of a survey of 6,030 AA Members in Auckland on local transport issues.

“This is the most comprehensive survey on Auckland transport issues for many years and provides decision makers with an indication of the views of motorists,” says AA spokesperson Simon Lambourne.

The results of the survey include:

Alternative Harbour Crossing

· 56.4% of Members surveyed expressed support for a tunnel as the alternative harbour crossing and 31% supported a bridge – but 85% considered the cost as important, very important or extremely important when deciding which type of crossing should be built.

· 47.5% said they would support paying a $4 toll on an alternative harbour crossing, but that dropped to only 8.2% for a $6 toll.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

· 93.1% of Members surveyed support keeping the existing Auckland Harbour Bridge and 71.4% would not support a new $4-$6 toll being put on it.

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