Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ford Focus Traveller: Fesche Ladezone

Ford Focus
Ob more work now belongs to the traveler was once an open question. And if so, he will bear with equanimity - he has the skills necessary to yes. Ford reduced the Focus body styles on the two (apart from the coupé-cabriolet) and after it is no longer three-door and the sedan is not offered for us to stay just 5-door and Travellers. Traveller is traditionally the address for the cluster .

Traveller (ie friends) is a perfectly fitting name, since you like the Focus is taking longer trips. Space for luggage or other leisure utensil's enough (490 and 1516 liters with rear seats folded down). At least as gratifying to the, fact that the sill is pleasantly deep down, board life of the trunk and the hatch opens before without disturbing excesses of one. The 1.6-liter Ecoboost with 182 hp ensures that there is fault with the performance anything even if one exploits the full load. Even in the lower rpm range, there are a lot of lard, to 182 hp, the engine feels but only at higher speeds.

Alligator boots

Diamond Studs

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