Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hyundai holds mini-auto show

Hyundai Auto Show
Engineers from Hyundai Motor Group’s subcontractors study the bottom of a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle with its battery removed at the automaker’s Namyang Technology Research Center in Gyeonggi Province, Wednesday. Between Oct. 5 and 8, Hyundai is hosting the 8th R&D motor show with 105 vehicles to help subcontractors learn freely about the latest automobile technology. / Courtesy of Hyundai

By Kim Da-ye

Hyundai Motor Group is hosting its own mini motor show to help subcontractors study more than 100 domestic and imported vehicles at no cost.

The eighth R&D Motor Show is taking place at the automaker’s Namyang Technology Research Center in Gyeonggi Province between Oct. 5 and 8. Some 5,000 executives and employees of 445 subcontractors have been invited to attend.

The displayed fleet includes 25 Hyundai and Kia vehicles including the i40 and the K5 Hybrid as well as 80 from rival automakers.

Prior to the opening ceremony, engineers from Hyundai-Kia and subcontractors disassembled globally popular cars to study the latest automotive technology.

Hwang Chong-ha, a researcher at Yura Corporation, participated in taking apart a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle. He said, “Disassembling an imported vehicle is a great opportunity for us. It is usually difficult for a subcontractor to buy a whole imported car to merely study a part.”

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