Friday, July 22, 2011

Ben Bostrom Set for MotoGP Debut

Ben Bostrom is living the dream this weekend aboard the LCR Honda RC212V in the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix, but it's a sleepless dream that's kept him up at night.

The 37-year-old MotoGP rookie took most of the questions in the pre-race press conference for the 10th round of the MotoGP World Championship at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Last year's AMA Superbike race winner thanked LCR, Michael Jordan Motorsports, and American Suzuki, then spoke of what he expected of his double duty weekend.

"Yeah, it's definitely going to be a big weekend," he said on a stage he shared with World Champions Casey Stoner, Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo, and Nicky Hayden. "Just walking up those stairs is pretty special. It's an honor to sit with these guys. And actually, even have a little name tag right here. I took a photo myself to try to believe that.

"It's really an honor. Very lucky with LCR Honda. I've got to thank them with MJ, I mean Michael Jordan Motorsports. The collaboration between the two and even American Suzuki for allowing the opportunity. I want to go out there and twist the thing. It's so exciting to get a new toy to ride."

Bostrom added that it was "a dream come true. Honestly, I watch these guys because I TiVo every race and I'm becoming more and more a fan as I get older¸ which is strange. I didn't love motorcycles as much several years ago. Every day, maybe because you see the end coming more, I'm an uberfan. What can I say? So I'm there like glued to it."

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