Friday, July 08, 2011

Victory of Chevrolet Volt - The GM Electric car

chevrolet volt
With the price of gas increasing, the trend to adopt the electric vehicles has been growing. It is not only the increasing fuel prices, but also the love for the green planet is inclining the Americans more and more towards the electric cars.

People who have already been driving the Chevrolet Volt, the GM electric car has been making big savings over their gas-running counter parts running on the roads. The recent slowdown in economy has shifted people's thoughts towards the more and more economic vehicles.

People who own the Volt usually charge it overnight using the home charging kits. By morning the fully fueled vehicle is ready to soar on the roads. With home charging stations readily available in the market, the charging of these vehicles at home has become very easy.

The average charges for a person who drives moderate distances is around $30 a month. Wow, can someone really have their fuel expenditure reduced to that much in a month. Yeah, the Chevrolet Volt is the answer. A number of satisfied customers are witnessing the fact. These people were usually shelling around $600 on average per month on the gas.

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