Thursday, July 21, 2011

Introducing Mercedes Benz W25 Inspired Concept Car

Mercedes Benz
Nowadays design and technology are moving ahead at high speeds, thus the designers and engineers have to keep up with the alert rhythm. One such project that seems to define the tempo itself is the Touch Effect by Marco Sweston of the Munich University of Applied Sciences. The whole car was penciled as a continuation of the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows W25.

The vehicle thereby designed for this sport has a light-weight main body with a stiff carbon frame that imparts it ruggedness, giving it an overall stability. The other core muscles for the motor-sport vehicle have been made from flexible synthetics that can be deformed using voltage differences. These have been covered partially using acrylic glass surfaces on the exterior thereby giving a visual feel of merging parts into one volume.

However, the hull has been kept a bit unveiled as to convey the impression of being light-weight. In addition to the designing part, the vehicle has features like automatic ground clearance adjustment as well as a four-wheel steering. Marko Swenson visualizes

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