Thursday, September 22, 2011

Honda CR-V concept doesn't mess with success

Honda CR-V
Honda debuted a CR-V concept today at the Orange County International Auto Show in Anaheim, but don't expect gullwing doors, cameras instead of rear view mirrors, or some new, revolutionary electric power train. This CR-V is a preview of the 2012 model update, the production version of which Honda will show off in November.

The concept reveals new styling, and Honda says the new CR-V will have more cabin space, a redesigned interior, and better fuel economy than the current model.

The redesign gives the CR-V a much more modern look than the previous generation, which has gone for five years without a significant update. The headlights are integrated with the grille, and a skid-plate-looking piece rises up from under the front of the car.

The hatchback is more vertical, giving the roof a straighter run from windshield to back. That detail should lead to the promised cabin space increase. Honda added an up line at the rear of the side graphic, which is very reminiscent of BMW's signature Hofmeister kink.

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