Sunday, September 04, 2011

Mercedes Benz cars drive mid-size luxury segment sales in India

Mercedes Benz cars are driving mid-size luxury segment sales in India. Their cars are making waves in India. The German auto giant is working tirelessly to bring the best cars to the Indian market. This seems to be the reason behind phenomenal rise of its car sales in India.

The company officially came to India in 1994 in collaboration with Telco. Traditionally, Mercedes-Benz cars have consistently catered to wealthy, rich, and super-rich consumers. The manufacturer’s name keeps on changing, but Mercedes-Benz cars remain Mercedes-Benz, for the Mercedes-Benz name has a greater brand relationship with world consumers than their manufacturer’s current corporate name – Daimler-Benz, Daimler-Chrysler, or Daimler AG.

Reports suggest that during the last eight months of this fiscal year, the Indian arm of Mercedes Benz grew by 40 per cent. A company spokesperson who was obviously over the seventh heaven due to the increased sales says, “Our sales grew by 40 per cent during the January to August period to 4,890 units in 2011 against 3,495 units during the corresponding period last year”.

Meanwhile like all other super car manufacturers, Mercedes Benz too is launching mid level sedans and sports vehicles in India to increase its sales volume. A top executive of another German auto maker Audi says, “Growth in the luxury segment is not coming from the top-end price points of above Rs 30 lakh”.

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